EBC Hub ( is our online community.  It is our own Facebook without ads or distractions.  It is the place where people connected to Encounter Baptist Church interact online.  Different ministries in our church have their own groups.  There are discussions, topics, themes, resources, details on upcoming events and more.

It is built on the mightynetworks platform and can be logged into via web browsers and the mighty networks iOS and Android apps.

If you are connected to Encounter Baptist in any way (whether you live locally or far away) please go to and request to join.

EBC Bible Reading App  

This simple app enables people to read our daily bible readings directly on their phones.
The readings are stored in the app but access to the readings requires an active internet connection.
There are also some prayers and resources.

biblereading1522xThe iOS version is available in the App Store

A New Android version is now available on the Google Play Store

Our daily bible readings can also be accessed on

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